Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Friends!

So with this new year I figured I should try something new and start my own blog! I plan on posting pics from my shoots and writing a little something here and there about what’s going on in my life etc. etc. Hope you all enjoy my postings 🙂

So for my first post I thought I would fill everyone in on my winter break and include a series of photographs!

My grandma (who we all call “Nanny”) turned 79 on December 19th (I know you’re all probably thinking she looks closer to 59 years old rather than 79!) for her birthday and christmas surprise, her four children along with their spouses and all of her grandchildren arrived in Steamboat Colorado! We all hid upstairs and waited for her arrival after a long day of teaching skiing and slowly one by one came downstairs and embraced her with big hugs 🙂 I think she loved the surprise not to mention having her entire family in one place at one time (its never been done before!) So i would say it was pretty successful!

Of course this vacation included a family photoshoot!! Meet mi familia:

last but not least, here is everyone together 🙂


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