My Wonderful Boyfriend!

So I realized something the other day… I’ve been dating my boyfriend a month short of 5 years and I’ve never taken pictures of him. I’ve taken pictures with him, or pictures with his friends, at an iowa state football game, or some graduation photos but I’ve never had a photoshoot of my amazing boyfriend! That just seemed crazy to me!! How am I a photographer and yet i’ve never taken photos of the person I spend the most amount of my time with? Just didn’t seem right!

Many of you may know by now that Andy has a twin brother, but for those of you who didn’t know that, meet Tim! Tim is one of my bestfriends and I’ve known him just as long as I’ve known Andy. He’s one of my closest guy friends and practically like a brother to me and I love spending time with him. These Gerten boys are truely THE NICEST guys you will ever meet! I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t agree with that statement… they are both so kind, generous, and so much fun to be around. I don’t think I would be the person I am today with out these twinsicles (as I like to call them) in my life!

When I met up with Andy, I saw Tim so I somewhat forced him to be in a few photos as I’m sure their mom would love the pics of them together and to just have a handful of each of them on their own as well.

Can you tell them apart?? Try and see if you can get it right in these first few photos —and for all of you who have ever asked me if i’ve ever gotten them mixed up haha NO… I HAVE NOT. (okay maybe andy tricked me once on the phone)

any guesses yet?

Gerten #1…..

Gerten #2…..

If you guessed “Gerten #1” was Andy and “Gerten #2” was Tim you are correct! Some ways people tell them apart… Tim is taller (although the pics it doesn’t seem that way) Andy has a more round face where Tim’s is more oval. Andy’s hair swoops to the right and Tim’s to the left. Our favorite way to tell them apart though is their eyebrows… our friends tell everyone that Tim has the “angry eyebrows” (he’s not actually angry) but his eyebrows have more of a slant to them than Andy’s do!

now onto some more photos of Mr. Andrew Gerten….

love you ADG!

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