Five Years

Andy and I have officially been dating 5 years! I don’t think a lot of people at the age of 22 can say they have been dating their boyfriend for that long, I’m very fortunate. Andy is hands down the most fun, nicest, considerate, loving guy I know. We are completely opposite from one another. He’s tall with blondish hair and brown eyes, I’m short with brown hair and green eyes. He’s a little more quiet where i’m well…not haha! He enjoys a good beer, a sports game, and rock music. I pretty much only drink water, I like a lot of girly shows like One Tree Hill and the Bachelor and I’m more into John Mayer, The Fray and Mumford & Sons. We both graduated from Iowa State University this year but of course went to school to study different things. Andy got a bachelors degree in Accounting and I got a bachelors degree in Graphic Design. We both love the movies and good food but we also have way different tastes- “A” loves burgers, steak, really any kind of meat and his sweet tooth craves cheescake or pie, I prefer a sandwich or wrap and always could end with a cookie or brownie 🙂 He always wants to see comedies, I like the cheesy heartfelt Nicholas Sparks kind of movies… but we seem to always agree on Horror Films! I’m a perfectionist and sometimes a little uptight, Andy however is very laid back and goes with the flow. I don’t think Andy and I could be more different… we are as opposite as black & white, but we go together like PB&J. I think although we contrast one another, we are also perfect for eachother. I could rant on for hours and i’m pretty sure he’s the only person patient enough to listen to me for that long. We both smack eachother when we bite our nails haha and although we are both horrible singers he lets me belt it out in the car! One of my favorite things to do is scare Andy (i’m so nice right? haha) I like to hide behind corners and jump out when hes least expecting it… although I do it so often now he anticipates it every time we hang out. I’m lucky my friends and family love Andy so much too. Usually when Andy comes over I end up not even getting to spend time with him because he and my dad are bonding so much lol! Even our dogs love him… they all cry and get hysterical when you so much as mention his name. I’m a lucky girl to have “A” in my life… i’m even more lucky to say we’ve been together for 5 years! we’ve had lots of fun memories together and i’m excited to see what the future has in store for us! Love you Andrew!!

Here’s a trip down Memory lane… I chose one picture for each year we’ve been together.


2008 Shari Fleming Photography

2009 Alex Fleming Photography


2011 Alex Fleming Photography

2012 Caitlin Stewart Photography







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