Emily Jane

Today is one of my best friend’s golden birthday! Miss Emily Jane Baxter is 23 today! Emily (or as I call her, EJ) has been my best friend for 14 years. I can’t say I remember exactly when we met or became friends because honestly it feels like i’ve always had her in my life (but it was probably around 3rd grade when we were in Mrs. Kreatz’s class together)… we’ve been inseparable ever since.

EJ, you are one of the kindest, most sincere, fun, lovable girls I know and I don’t know where I would be today without you. I’ve never known anyone at the age of 23 to go through some of the things you have had to in your life and because of that I look up to you. You are so brave, courageous, and strong… you truly do deserve the best.

In Elementary school we played with dolls, had sleepovers, spent our days swimming in my pool and playing night games in your neighborhood… middle school we started babysitting together, became addicted to shopping, started watching scary movies (scream mostly) and dressed up as Raggedy Anne and Andy for halloween. As highschool began we spent weekends during the summer at your cabin, started camp kookaloo, slept on my trampoline, and went on charity walks. We went to a million concerts together, traveled to New York, continued our shopping addiction and spent week after week becoming closer as bestfriends. As graduation approached it was hard leaving family and friends as we left for college, but I had you by my side as we started the next chapter in our lives at ISU. I got to have you as my roommate, take a few courses together and our boyfriends became best friends. Now we’re college graduates living back in MN (and working women…um when did we grow up?) and I still get to call you my bestfriend.

I’m a lucky girl to have you in my life EJ

Since we were 8 years old we’ve had eachother’s backs… you know all my secrets and I know all of yours. I know you love Red Velvet cupcakes and fall asleep best with the tv on and I know that your dad loved listening to Cher. I don’t think i’ve ever known a friend as well as I know you and I’m very thankful for that. I’m still convinced someday we’re going to live next door to eachother in our little houses in Cottagewood 🙂

My personal hair dresser, therapist, sister, partner in crime, friend. I adore you… and today I wish you the happiest of birthdays Emily Jane.

(notice how we’re matching haha)


i love you to the moon and back!

One thought on “Emily Jane

  1. Love the pictures of the two of you, Sidney and Emily! It’s been fun for me to watch the two of you from 10th grade til now. From sweet young ladies to fine young women. I can’t wait to see what the next 23 years bring for both if you.

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