I’m Engaged!!!

Last night on Jan. 9th my best friend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! We could not be happier 🙂 So excited!

If anyone is reading this and knows nothing about my boyfriend  fiancé click here and you can read my post from our 5 year anniversary (and see a photo for each year we’ve been together)

Now the story…

January 9th= Harley Mayer’s Birthday!! I actually stayed up until midnight just so I could wish him a happy 3rd birthday haha yes i’m one of those crazy dog people! I woke up, took Harley to the groomer (cause I wanted him to have a birthday haircut of course) went to work, picked up harley on my lunch break, went back to work and at 5:00 started driving home… I crossed over Carson’s Bay Bridge and made my way into Cottagewood (Aka the best neighborhood in the world) and slowed down as I came to a stop sign directly in front of the Cottagewood Store. I saw Laurie (the store owner/my friend!) in the window and I waved.. She came outside and I pulled over and we chatted for awhile. She told me she was decorating the store for her friend’s surprise party (lie! haha) I was planning on seeing her in just a few hours for a meeting that would be at the store so we were discussing that among other things and our conversation soon led to Andy possibly proposing soon! I told her how I thought he was going to ask when we were in Lutsen for New Years (side note… Andy is horrible at surprises and keeping secrets lets just say he gets a little excited and spoils things haha) so I thought for sure he was going to pop the question on our weekend away because he was making all of these little hints and well…being kind of obvious haha! Turns out… he didn’t ask me! So as I’m telling Laurie this story I start to tell her how I actually have always wanted to be proposed to in Cottagewood but it’s not like I was going to tell Andy that!

For those of you who don’t know, this neighborhood is not the typical neighborhood…. everyone in Cottagewood is family. I grew up here, all of my favorite memories are here and the people here, words can’t describe how amazing they are… Once you get to the center of Cottagewood there’s a little red store called the Cottagewood General Store and I think most people here would consider it a second home. When I was born my birth announcement was written on the windows and my first ever job was working with my neighbors serving icecream and coffee to many familiar faces. This store has a lot of history, a lot of memories, and it holds a very special place in my heart. 

Back to the story… Laurie tells me to come to the store at 8:00 so I go home for a few hours. At 7:50 or so I decide to head on over to the store for the meeting, when I walk up to the front door I noticed all the lights were off… I walk inside and the lights flicker on! There were Christmas lights hanging and ribbon from the ceiling with photos of Andy and I over the last 5 1/2 years! Funny thing is I didn’t notice the decorations right away because I thought they were for Laurie’s friend’s party she had been telling me about! What I noticed was Andy walking towards me from behind the counter! I was so confused and kept asking him why he was at the store and thats when I noticed the pictures and tray filled with things he’s kept over the years (prom tickets, aruba coins, the most embarrassing note in the world that I wrote him in high school etc…) that’s when I realized what was going on… he had a long cute speech (that i don’t remember any of haha because I was just squealing and shaking the whole time) and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! I think Andy and I could both agree that one of our favorite parts of the night (obviously besides becoming engaged!) was the look on my mom’s face when we told her to come to the store!

Andy’s proposal was creative, sneaky (in a good way) and very meaningful and we are both on top of the moon! (oh and he did it on Harley’s birthday… bonus!)

Thank you everyone for all the kind words and well wishes and we are both so lucky to have such amazing friends and family in our lives 🙂


Happy 3rd Birthday Harley Mayer!


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