My Weekend through Instagram

This weekend was BUSY. One of my closest friends Caitlin came to MN for the weekend and we had LOTS of catching up to do… we went out to lunch and stuffed our faces with waffle fries and seasoned sour cream (yes we were at Maynards!) shopped, worked on chalkboards for the wedding and saw the movie THE PURGE (must say in a creepy voice haha) and for those who may not know… Caitlin loves is OBSESSSED with our dog Wilson so he got plenty of attention this weekend while his girlfriend was in town! Saturday morning started off with caribou (which of course I didn’t finish… when do I ever finish a drink???) and next was bridesmaid dress fittings (but we got there early so we ended up going on a long walk). In the afternoon I had my first bridal shower… which was really also my first wedding “event” so it was quite exciting! This consisted of lots of friends, family, neighbors, bridesmaids, and co-workers and it was so much fun! After the shower I went to Buca with friends to celebrate my birthday and we came back to our place for cookies, wine and the game “things” (best game ever created). Sunday I woke up and was 23…weird! My parents, Andy, Caitlin, my sister Olivia and her boyfriend Alex and I all went to brunch at the Graves Hotel (where the twins GM spoke) and to the twins game after (boy was it hot out!) The rest of the night was followed by one two cakes, and dinner and a movie with Andy—poor guy… two years in a row and he’s spent my birthday with me and channing tatum haha

A big thank you to everyone for such a great weekend 🙂 Can’t wait to see what 23 has in store for me!








Last but not least…. tonight I watched the bachelorette with emily, paige, sarah AND… our favorite little bachelor GEORGE, now who says mondays are no fun?!


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