A few of our favorite things…


August 10th was hands down the best day of our entire lives! Andy and I had more fun than we could ever imagine and made so many amazing memories that we will forever cherish. I plan on writing a longer blog post and sharing more info but for now I wanted to share a list of our favorite things. 

The morning after the wedding Andy and I were beaming with happiness and we couldn’t stop talking about how incredible everything was. We decided to make a list of all of the details we wanted to remember from the wedding…figured it was best to do this while everything was still fresh in our minds and we are so glad we did!!

So here it goes (in no particular order)!

  • Listening to Wake me up by avacii on repeat on the way To the arboretum with Olivia and Caitlin
  • Driving away in my uncles car and having people honk at us… particularly Sue Gartner as most of her body was hanging out the window as they drove by!
  • Emily helping me put my veil on and the entire room of bridesmaids, my mom and photographers crying
  • Seeing my parents read their cards and my dad finding his cinderella drawing from when I was little
  • Flower petals thrown at us as we got off the boat/arrived at the island
  • Sal (ring bearer) saying his favorite part of the day was my dress
  • Realizing andy and i got eachother the same gift haha
  • Dancing with my neighbors
  • Kissing my first kiss henry noll on the cheek in the photo booth and later him confessing to andy
  • First reveal with andy
  • Seeing my flowers and realizing there were peonies in there (didn’t think I would be able to get them because they are normally out of season)
  • Seeing my second cousins at the wedding but esp the moment i saw Grace and Annie behind us as we were waiting to walk down the aisle
  • Heidi choking up before she began her speech
  • Hearing sniffling behind me and seeing bridesmaids crying at the alter
  • Tims speech- “iv already been congratulated on my wedding today” “this is the first time since we were kids that we are wearing the exact same clothes again from head to toe so good luck” “sydney and i have known eachother for 9 years and andy and i have known eachother since we were in the womb” “youll be able to tell us apart tonight because i wont be the one kissing sydney however i will be accepting gifts on andys behalf”
  • My god father pulling me aside to chat
  • Dancing with all of the kids i babysit
  • Holding hands with my brother and sister dressed in lifejackets, glasses/mustache, captains hat and dancing/jumping/spinning on the dance floor
  • My mom leading the congo line
  • My uncle singing as i walked down the aisle “Thats my daughter in the water… everything she knows I taught her…everything she knows”
  • My dad spinning me on the dance floor
  • The sunset
  • The photobooth
  • The boat ride: (Thanks Dave!) music, popping champagne, andy wearing my veil, dancing with all of my bestfriends, caitlin and matt dancing/singing to the videographer
  • Sarah, Tim, McSherry and Heidi taking the bus with the guests by mistake hahah
  • Sarah Mitchell putting bandaids on my blisters (she hates feet)
  • Taking off my dress and realizing i had a million rose petals stuck in there
  • Seeing all of our grandparents faces
  • Andy’s grandpa matts plate of food
  • Heidis personal attendant pack filled with all of the essentials including a pipe and whistle
  • Jeremy’s leaky cooler
  • The bee in my veil (haha thank god it didn’t sting me….)
  • Andy handing the mic to tim, needing back, handing it to me and me handing it back because i had to put his ring on and he didn’t realize I needed both of my hands to do so
  • The spectators watching and filming our wedding (haha weird)
  • Soaking in all of the people who came while we were at the alter
  • Seeing nancy fronius through all of the people sitting at the ceremony
  • Seeing Teige and Raife on the bus
  • Watching the womens softball as the guys got ready (Andy)
  • Heidi doing the girls hair at the salon (favorite was Caitlin’s ha!)
  • Making a beer energy drink and sunglass run before the ceremony (the guys)
  • Realizing sydney got me a laptop and stole my giftcard to pay for some of it haha
  • Seeing the moms faces as they saw the baby pics hanging from their corsages
  • Catherines flower crown… she was SO beautiful
  • Sal holding an umbrella over Catherine so the sun wouldn’t be on her (ring bearer and flower girl)
  • Sneaking out of the arboretum to the garden
  • Singing “Say My Name” by Destinys Child with all of the girls
  • Emily stealing half of the cookies haha
  • Eboat bar
  • Forming a circle to wagon wheel and kicking our legs (after Jeremy  had to beg the DJ to play it haha)
  • Emilys speech- “is anyone out there can anyone hear me” (Titanic) “andy thanks for taking care of my bestfriend” extremely emotional… sobbing!!!
  • Taking photos with emily when shari says “cant believe you guys have been friends since elementary school and now im taking these pics” both of us instantly went into tears
  • Sydney not eating until 5:00pm real smart! Thanks for the sandwich waiting for me on the boat Nicolle (props to our wedding planner!!)
  • The guys in their sunglasses (Andys clearly did not fit properly lol)
  • Being handed a something blue drink right when we got to the island
  • Noticing how trashed my wedding dress was at the end of the night and not caring because it was proof of how much fun we had
  • Seeing friends and family that we hadnt seen in years
  • My dads speech- son in law points game, talking about ctwd and cyclone syd hurricane harley
  • Sals speech (melted into a million pieces)
  • Olivias speech (flawless… did you really write that?!?!) talking about me feeding you butter, taking you in for show and tell and best of all shooting you off of the treadmill 🙂
  • Putting the rings on eachothers fingers
  • Sydney getting a horrible head cold the next morning
  • Harleys excitement when he saw us
  • Leah ryan wearing a captains hat
  • Josh wagener in lifejacket
  • Jeremy with captains hat
  • Matt and caitlin wearing everything
  • Matt and Monnie (Andy’s grandparents) have been married for 58 years!! Song dedicated to them and bouquet given.
  • First dance- talking about how everyone was staring at us
  • Not eating our own food and cake (too excited about everything!)
  • Waiting with my dad to walk down the aisle… he kept asking me if I was okay and our wedding planner told me not to walk until I was ready…  no better feeling than having him by my side and giving me away to Andy
  • Andys/groomsmen shoes and bow ties
  • My Tory burch shoes (Andy liked seeing them peek through my dress as I walked towards him)
  • My Grandma who passed away when I was 5 had many broaches so I pinned my favorite one (a gold crown with small pearls) onto my bouquet
  • Chalkboards
  • the amazing coloring books Caitlin illustrated for us! (post to come on that!)
  • Hiding from andy before the first reveal with my mom and sister down the hill
  • Getting in our getaway car and hearing andy say “youre actually my wife now”
  • Our cake cutting
  • Andy + sydney wearing glasses with huge noses and mustaches and kissing in the photo booth… we looked like old men!
  • First reveal to my dad
  • Caribou with the girls and of course not finishing my drink
  • Getting ready with tim (haha this is Andy not Sydney)
  • Late night quesadillas
  • When i finally decided to take my shoes off at 11:30pm and realizing I couldn’t feel my feet
  • Sweet caroline as the last song- couldn’t have ended any differently!
  • Having family from out of town visit and spend time with them
  • Caitlin almost falling in the water off the back of the boat
  • Heidi and Sarah telling the story about when Andy and Tim became the biggest stalkers of all time driving past Jennifer Anistons house
  • Olivias dance moves on the boat
  • McSherry wearing his baseball hat
  • Seeing James Fleming hide in the bushes looking like james bond with his backpack
  • Watching Tom Hauske drop it low on the dance floor
  • My aunts reactions to everything
  • My parents faces in response to andys speech “i remember our first kiss where i practically ate sydneys entire face” — We will never get the image out of our minds when we saw my parents falling off their chairs laughing
  • Getting married on our 6 year anniversary
  • Sarah Mitchells hair at the end of the night
  • Paige singing blurred lines
  • Hearing various people say they liked our wedding more than their own
  • Finding out we went through 3 kegs in 2 hours… needed more alcohol and it wasn’t even 7pm….
  • Realizing we were married and waking up as husband and wife

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