Gerten Coloring Book

We knew we wanted to have a lot of unique aspects to our wedding and make everything very special to “our story”… now although I did create a lot of things on my own and put my graphic design degree to use I do however need assistance when it comes to drawing (I’m sure some of my design friends are laughing as they read this…) so when I came up with the idea of custom coloring books I knew my bridesmaid and bestfriend Caitlin would be the girl to go to! I told her we were having a handful of kids at the wedding and we wanted these coloring books for them but we also wanted it to be told like a story and have each page represent different chapters in our lives. This may be one of our absolute favorite things we (ahem Caitlin) created for the wedding… Caitlin illustrated each and every one of these pages and created a coloring book that was not only loved by the kids but all of the adults as well… Thank you Cait for all of your hard work, time and beautiful drawings…  you did an amazing job and we are so thankful for everything you did for us!

Displaying the coloring book in order….cover to back and all of the in-between…. our love story has only begun, let the pages keep filling up!



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