The Annual Gerten Christmas Party

With Christmas just around the corner, Andy and I decided to throw an ugly sweater/ornament exchange Christmas party! Thought this should be an annual party as we are both big fans of this festive holiday…

Everyone wore ugly christmas sweaters of course, we had a secret santa ornament exchange, stuffed our faces, played the game of Things (with new questions… see below) and played a drinking game to the one and only Christmas Vacation.

Now if you havn’t played the game of Things you’re missing out… AKA  you need to get in your car now and drive to Target so you can buy this game and play TONIGHT. Basically there are cards that ask questions like “Things you shouldn’t do at a wedding” “Things you shouldn’t say to your teacher” etc… etc… everyone answers the question on a sheet of paper and it becomes a guessing game of who says what..(If you’re my friends it just becomes a game of who can come up with the most hilarious response) Well this game was obviously a must for the party but the questions just weren’t quite “christmas-y” enough so Caitlin and I came up with our own questions:

A few examples:

-Things you shouldn’t say while sitting on Santa’s lap

-Things you would do as Santa’s Special Helper

-Things that really belong at the top of the tree

-Things that belong in a snow globe

-Things you shouldn’t title a christmas movie

-Things you wouldn’t want to find under the tree

-Things Mr. & Mrs. Claus do in their spare time

-Things you’d make if you were an elf in Santa’s workshop

(the list goes on)…

This game of course was a success… so much so that our non stop laughing made the neighbors call the cops… guess there always has to be some sort of grinch at the party huh?! We decided it was movie time!!

I found this amazing drinking game thanks to Jessica Garvin’s amazing blog (see here) which i’m pretty sure now has to be a tradition it was so fun!

Here are the rules (taken directly from Jessica’s blog):

Take One Drink Every Time:
  • Ellen calls Clark “Sparky”
  • Someone is wearing an ugly holiday sweater
  • Clark does something awkward
  • There is singing or music
  • The swimming pool is referenced
  • Clark is wearing a sports team article of clothing


  • Additional Rules: 
The entire group takes a drink whenever an advent calendar door is opened.
You must yell “Shitter’s Full!” any time you leave to use the restroom, otherwise you must finish your beer when you return.
First person to say “Get me somebody! And get me somebody while I’m waiting!” when Frank Shirley appears on screen for the first time chooses a person to finish their drink.
First person to stand up & fully complete the “knock on the door, peek in…” correctly WITH hand gestures during that scene gives two drinks.
At any point in the movie, you can point to someone & yell “RUS!” If they do not respond with “Right here, dad” they must take a drink (max once per person, this could get excessive).
Can’t wait for next year’s party… for now, MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY ANIMAL!!
LASTLY…. our invitation… Thanks to the talented Caitlin Stewart for illustrating a charlie brown christmas tree filled with personalized ornaments.

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