Wedding – Getting Ready

Where do I even begin… I’m completely blown away by Shari, Alex and James Fleming as our wedding photographers. I felt completely honored not only because of how much I cherish my friendship with Alex and look up to all 3 Flemings as photographers but they NEVER shoot weddings and somehow I was able to convince them to shoot mine. As I sorted through the images with tears in my eyes I felt like I was right back at my wedding as the photos captured so many amazing moments from what we continue to call “the best day ever” and it truly was… the best day ever. Thank you Shari, Alex and James for forever freezing time… I will cherish each and every image for the rest of my life and will forever be grateful for the time, hard work and love you put into these photographs.

One thought on “Wedding – Getting Ready

  1. Sydney: How can I get anything done when I spend so much time enjoying this first “Getting Ready” chapter of lovely photos?xoxo Nanny

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