Little Baby Gerten

A big thank you to my dear friends Alex Fleming for the monthly bump pics and Caitlin Stewart for the illustrations! Thought this would be a fun way to document my pregnancy and share with family and friends! New photo & illustration to come every 4 weeks 🙂


One thought on “Little Baby Gerten

  1. Sydney and Andy: I was just checking out my spam emails and found the stream of photos of Baby Gerten and you. I had seen a few of them in Facebook, but this was fun seeing them in order on the same chain, since I haven’t seen you in person in a very long time. I can’t believe you’re half way through, although it may seem like ages to you and Andy. Shari and your friend have done a nice job for you. They are darling photos, and I’m sure you’ll love having them over the ages.

    I have also been thinking about you and Andy and your new home. I would love to accompany you sometime this weekend, or even an evening, if you are going to check it out. I don’t know when you stop by, and if you have to make an appointment, but can you let me know? I know you have a lot on your plate, and I don’t mean to be neglecting you. Love, Nanny

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