Month One! My must have list…

My Breast Friend Besides having one of the most ridiculous names, this breastfeeding pillow is amazing! I had heard about it when I was pregnant but didn’t think it was that much different from a boppy pillow and didn’t see what the big deal was. I actually have a boppy as well and love it for other reasons (tummy time, photos etc…) but it was in the hospital that I discovered how great the breast friend pillow was. Unlike the boppy this wraps all the way around me and has support for my back. It also has a strap that adjusts which is super helpful as it’s best to have the baby at your level while feeding. The pillow is sturdy enough to hold Sailor (and I can multitask while feeding her) but it’s also comfortable for both Mom & Baby (and Harley likes to lay on it when we’re not using it haha!)

Newborn Onesies I know you’re thinking what’s so great about these… but they’re a life savor! I’m constantly playing dress up with miss S but you can never have enough basic onesies! We were told in the hospital to dress her in one more layer than what we’re wearing so quite often she has one of these onesies under whatever we’ve dressed her in that day. As many moms know there are some explosive diapers (not sure if breastfeeding makes them worse but yikes!!!) so I would much rather have her ruin one of these (which are easily replaceable) instead of ruin another cute outfit (even though some of these diaper bombs still make their way through a few layers of clothing). Another thing I love about these are the little mittens that are attached (fold over at the wrist) it’s great for her tiny sharp nails but also because our sweet baby girl will suck the living day light out of her hands and wrists.

Halo Swaddle SleepSack Whoever designed this is a genius. We bought a few different styles of swaddles and sleep sacks before Sailor was born but the hospital had Halo Swaddle SleepSacks that they wrapped all the babies in and once I saw our little burrito I knew there was no turning back- this girl was going to live in one of these! I’m sure these are great no matter what time of year but I was really concerned with keeping S warm at night as we didn’t want any blankets in her bassinet and this kept our winter baby super cozy! I think the best part might be the velcro because unlike our other swaddle options for her this kept her from escaping and breaking free, therefor she stayed asleep.

Carseat Cocoon Did you know that it’s unsafe to bundle your baby up in a snowsuit and strap them in their carseat? The bulky material forces you to have looser straps which is obviously not a good idea but with this Minnesota weather you also need to consider what’s the best way to keep your babe nice and warm. There are so many products out now that act as a “jacket” for your carseat but after lots of research I just fell in love with the 7am Enfant Car Seat Cocoon. It’s wind and water repellent, lined with fleece and wraps around the outside of the carseat (Fits all carseats) keeping the baby nice and warm inside. I still dress Sailor in a few layers and make sure to place a blanket over her legs (on top of the straps) but I know shes nice and snug in there with no extra snowsuit to loosen the straps.

Soothie Sailor can’t decide if she likes pacifiers or not and there’s so many different kinds out there but we’re only offering her these ones (which she’s liking more and more) because they’re the same nipple as her bottles (also Avent brand) so when we transition her to a bottle it will all be universal. I have a feeling we may have a thumb sucker one of these days as she’s always trying to get after her hands but i’m hoping we can sway her towards the pacifier instead so someday we can take it away when needed (unlike me who had to dip my thumb in some nasty thumb sucking liquid so I wouldn’t suck it haha)

Waterbottle This is for Mom! Any water bottle is fine but if you’re breastfeeding it’s important to stay hydrated and i’ve noticed I drink so much more water since having Sailor. I keep a waterbottle next to my bed and another one in the office which i’m constantly refilling  Andy is making trip after trip to refill for me.

Swaddle Blankets This is a great option for a light weight blanket/swaddle. I’m sure we’ll use them as a stroller blanket or possibly over her carseat (without the Cocoon) to keep sunlight off of the baby in the warmer months, but I actually use them all the time for photos! I may go a bit overboard on the baby photos (can’t help myself…) and I love wrapping her in these fun patterns!

Baby Bjorn I’m not sure if this is one of my favorite items or Sailors.. it’s a toss up! We have a baby who LOVES to be held and lucky for her… we LOVE holding her! The only problem… it’s impossible to get anything done when holding a baby 24/7. I wasn’t so sure of putting a little 7 pound baby in a front pack so I avoided it for a week or so… finally gave it a try (as I wasn’t able to even make myself breakfast or lunch or even go to the bathroom!) and Sailor was a huge fan! She loves walking around and needs movement at all times so once she’s changed and fed I put her in here and within a few minutes she’s snoozin. I’m interested to try some of the other carries to compare but I have no complaints about this one!

Orbit Baby G3 Carseat Last but not least… the BMW of carseats… the Orbit Baby G3! Minus the price tag, I love absolutely everything about this carseat! I’m sure I can’t describe it’s amazingness so you’ll have to watch a video on their website (or check out in a store) to understand just how incredible this is! It has a sleek design, easy clean fabric, shade shield, and is soooo easy to use. The carseat rotates on the base so it’s a piece of cake to put in the car and when placed on the stroller base your babe can face any direction! Winning!

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