One Month of Sailor

Our little Sailor Grace is officially one month old! How can it be?! This last month has gone by so fast but i’ve been soaking up every second of it as she slowly grows into her own little person.

This blonde babe’s hair continues to grow and she’ll still suck on just about anything (hospital staff referred to her as Sailor Piranha). She went from loving the pacifier to hating it to liking it again. When I was pregnant with S I never felt like she “dropped”  because I could always feel kicks so high in my ribs which didn’t seem to make a lot of sense when my doctor said how low her head was… it wasn’t until she was born that I realized this girl does not like her legs curled up! They are ALWAYS stretched out (which I imagine is how she was in my belly!) and those little hands are always curled in by her face. She’s a great eater and has been from the start! I love when i’m feeding her she closes her eyes, raises her eyebrows and although her legs are of course sticking straight out she’ll often cross her feet (such a lady!) and in just the last week or so she’s started stroking my side as she eats haha it’s just so sweet!

She has some great facial expressions but still working on smiling (as a reaction to being happy rather than in her sleep or gas haha) but she is definitely the happiest when she’s being held and we’re walking around. She does not like to be still! In fact she’ll start crying the moment we try and sit down with her if she’s awake! One of my favorite things to do with her is put her in the front pack, turn on some music and dance her to sleep- part of our morning routine and often at night if she’s fussy… seems to do the trick! Sailor has a variety of cries and i’m still trying to figure out which one means what but now and then she brings out a raspy cry and a pouty lip and it’s truly heartbreaking!

Most people have been saying she has Andy’s nose, eyebrows, and hair but my chin, lips and ears – we’ve heard both for her eyes. I think she’s a little mini version of Andy but I know of course her look can change over time.

Sailor has a small birthmark on the back of her head and neck and her left nostril is heart shaped which we find quite adorable. When she starts to get upset she sounds just like a teapot and often Andy will say “The tea is ready!” as she’s winding up.

My favorite moment with Sailor over the last month was the day we brought her home from the hospital. We walked in the door and looked at eachother like “now what?!” we held her for a bit, fed her, I somehow managed to shatter a glass all over the kitchen floor from still being so shaky and after an hour or two I was holding Sailor and started crying. Andy came in the room and asked me over and over what was wrong and I told him nothing. I couldn’t stop crying… but it didn’t take long for him to figure out why I was crying- I wasn’t upset at all… it just hit me that I was a mom. We both became pretty emotional. I think it all hit us in that moment that we were parents and we had the most precious daughter.

This last month has been THE best month of my entire life. We love you Sailor!!

and in case you just came for the pictures….

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