Diaper Bag There are so many diaper bags out there to choose from but I can’t say enough great things about this one! Pottery barn kids just gets me… I love all of their diaper bag options but something I can monogram?! SOLD! Not only is this bag stylish and comes in a variety of colors but It’s the perfect size! It comes with a matching changing pad and has lots of pockets! If I’m out with Sailor I actually just ditch my purse and throw my wallet, keys, sunglasses etc… right in here!

Play Blanket oh I just love this company! Rikshaw Designs makes the cutest things (especially for babies) and when I saw this play blanket I just had to have it! We discovered a few weeks ago that Sailor likes to lay on the floor and sometimes she prefers to not be held and have some space… I wanted to find something she could lay on that was comfy, cute and a size she can grow with. How could I say no to this anchor pattern?!

Changing Pad Liners These are a staple at our house! Cheap, comes in a pack of 3 and goes right on the changing pad! As I’m sure many moms would say… Changing diapers can get messy! I love Sailor’s grey changing pad cover and don’t want to ruin it and or be washing it all the time so these liners are a lifesaver. Not only are these waterproof but they are THE ABSOLUTE easiest to clean… I like easy.

Zipped Pajamas Why is it that every adorable outfit has buttons and snaps? Do you know how big of a pain it is to try and button a little outfit on an infant who kicks their legs at lightening speed?! Thankfully Sailor is very patient on the changing table but I know this isn’t the case for every baby… so zippers can be your new BFF! I discovered these little pajamas at Serena and Lily (but they’re Hanna Andersson Brand) and became obsessed. I ordered 3 pairs (the crabs, pink&blue stripes and the flowers) but now i’m eyeing the zebra print! They are so soft, adorable, easy and fit Sailor PERFECTLY. I’ll probably cry when she grows out of these I love them so much…

Baby Detergent Buying a special detergent just for your baby is a waste of money and stupid decision right? WRONG. Honestly when I bought the baby detergent a small part of me just loved every single baby product and I wanted to add this to my list of fun speciality baby items… HOWEVER I had heard it was tough on stains but gentle on a babies skin so I thought what the heck?! Why not?! Turns out this has actually been amazing. It smells SOOO good but more than anything It really is great for Sailor’s skin. I was noticing she was getting some baby acne and it seemed to be the worse after she would fall asleep on one of us… I started washing some of our clothes with this detergent and her skin seemed to clear up immediately!

The Mamaroo 4moms Products are amazing and so advanced.. I’m in complete awe when I watch the different videos on their website… genius I tell you! I was interested in getting Sailor a swing for the office so if I needed her with me (and not on me which would be her first choice) I would have a place to put her. Well, Sailor likes to move… like a lot, as in bouncing and swaying at all hours of the day (quite the workout!) so this swing does just that! There are different speeds and motions to choose from (I think the kangaroo bounce is pretty rad) and you can even hook up your ipod/iphone and play music off of it… say what?!?! Sailor also loves the little mobile that hangs from above! The color options are super cute and fun but i’m boring and went with the classic silver…  Anyway I give this swing a big thumbs up!

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