2 Months old… nope.. no way…

How is it that only 2 months ago I met this little girl of mine? I feel like she’s always been here- just cant imagine life without her now!

Sailor has developed many nicknames… We call her Sails, Say Say, Say, Baby Bird, Little Birdie and much more. She sleeps with her mouth wide open, sucks on her entire fist (someday she’ll master the thumb i’m sure), has a strong toe grip and loves noise but hates to be moved when she’s sleeping (uh oh light sleeper!) We’ve discovered she likes to have her space sometimes… she definitely loves to be held (and I think she’s figured out when mommy has her!) but every now and then when she fusses we just lay her on the floor and she loves it! She kicks her legs and puts her arms above her head, smiles and coos! Andy’s favorite thing she does is when we pick her up from her carseat or bassinet (when she’s sleeping) and she sticks her butt straight out and stretches her arms high above her head. She still loves the front pack more than anything and as much as I love it (walks, working on computer, doing dishes, taking harley outside etc…) boy does my tailbone and knees hurt at the end of the day- ha just like when I was pregnant! Sailor’s eyelashes are longer than I think i’ve ever seen on a baby, she LOVES to stand (but is quite wobbly!) and has a new love for my chin while shes nursing haha! Sometimes when Sailor is laying on someones shoulder (often her daddys!) she looks like a little skiier… completely relaxed but her hands in a fist and arms straight behind her, butt in the air- not sure how thats comfortable but it sure is cute! Although still a fussy baby she has the sweetest smile of all time… her eyes light up and my eyes fill with tears (kidding… kind of.) One day when she was crying non stop and I tried just about every thing I could possibly think of I decided to take her in the shower with me. I figured she loved the bath and I remembered how often I took showers when I was pregnant for the pressure on my stomach and back (typically 3 a day… haha) I thought maybe she would recognize the feeling?? Well… SHE LOVED IT. I had the pressure of the water on her back and she rested her head on my shoulder (away from the water) and I swear I looked at her every minute to make sure she was ok because she was so still, so quiet.. and she just laid there completely relaxed and happy (30 minutes we stood like that!) normally after a bath she cries (I imagine from being cold and wet) but I think this shower relaxed her so much she fell asleep as soon as we got out!

So fun watching her personality develop and we fall more in love with her every day!

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