My Sidekick

I’m sure I’ll laugh about this someday…. I cant leave Sailor alone. EVER. There’s a good chance I’ll go to college with her and be her roommate. yep.

Well I’m not the only one with attachment issues. I’m not sure when exactly it was that we started noticing but Sailor definitely knows who I am. She recognizes my voice, knows when I’m holding her and if she looses sight of me all hell breaks loose. Not always the best… but I do feel loved ha! Miss S learned how to roll over just 2 days ago and it totally freaks me out as she has no clue how to roll back and often gets her arms stuck behind her. This morning when I was getting in the shower I could hear her stirring in her bassinet as she realized I wasn’t right next to her… I figured she would be fine for 10 minutes but as soon as I got in the shower I heard the “help me mom i’m stuck” cry… (yes I know her cries haha). Sure enough goofball is on her stomach… so I decided to bring the top part of her bassinet in the bathroom with me. She just laid there the whole time staring at me in silence. Win Win… I can make sure she doesn’t get “stuck” and she can stay happy by knowing i’m only a foot away!

My view…. (and no I didn’t shower with my phone)

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