Baby Book It’s so fun writing down all the milestones, stories, name ideas, etc… There are so many baby book options out there but this is definitely my favorite! (Also side note- the pink/blue sleeve is the exact same on the inside… so gender neutral regardless)

Boon Grass I remember the first time I saw this I thought it was pointless… pretty sure Andy thought it was too… I honestly just wanted it because it seemed like a hot baby item haha! Turns out it’s extremely helpful! Sailor is still breastfeeding 80% of the time but when she does take a bottle it’s nice to have a place for it to dry! (yes I know drying on a towel would work too) but the grass keeps everything from falling over and even has a cute little twig tree or flower to balance the rest of the parts! I’m not talking this up to be all that great but I really do love it ha!

Honest Baby Products I really just love all the Honest baby products. There’s so many things I want to try but I feel good about using any of their products because everything is safe and non-toxic… WINNING! Sailor has a small scab/rash on her cheek (most likely from living in the front pack) and this healing balm seems to be making it much better!!

Freshly Picked Moccasins to say i’m obsessed is an understatement. These adorable little mocs are THE BEST! This company was actually on Shark Tank at one point and has just exploded in popularity! These cute little baby shoes are not cheap… but there are usually good deals now and then (ahem black friday!) and lets be honest… why do infants even need shoes, they can’t walk! But who can pass up a soft, stretchy adorable moccassin for their baby… if Sailor only needs one pair of shoes these are it (although I wouldn’t mind having every single color in her closet!)

Play Mat I actually don’t have the one that’s pictured above – ours is from Pottery Barn kids but they’re pretty similar. It’s nice to have a comfy place for the babe to hang out but the fun colorful farmyard animals that hang are just the cutest! They all feel different, some shake, some squeak and Sailor’s favorite… the cow mirror, typical girl likes to stare at herself all day long haha! This is great for tummy time and gymnastics (Aka- our rolly poll sails!) and multi-sensory fun!

Bassinet Ok I can’t say enough good things about this bassinet. I originally thought Sailor would sleep in our room for 2-3 months and now i’m thinking she’ll still be sleeping a foot away when she’s 10… ok maybe not. This bassinet is sleek and sturdy. The design is so beautiful and simple I don’t mind having it on display in any room of the house (although most often it just stays next to our bed). It’s fairly large so Sailor can fit for quite some time but also can be used for toys when she outgrows it. It rocks which Sailor loves and the bassinet can be removed from the base if we want to take her with somewhere (my favorite… the bathroom- she can watch me shower, dry my hair etc…). Not only is it safe but it comes with a waterproof mattress (and fitted sheets) and everything is washable! I know this will be a product that will last for all of my babies- five stars all around!



  1. Sydney: I saw your list and wonder if someone has already ordered you the Baby Book that you wanted. Please let me know, and unless it’s a fortune, I would be happy to get it for you. I wonder with all the information and Blogs you put on the internet and elsewhere, would you also be duplicating this information, and these thoughts in a book where you handwrite everything.? Let me know, please. I love you, Nanny

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