I never knew a love like this… These past 3 months have been amazing. Words cant describe how much I love being a mom. Sailor is changing every day and although it makes me sad to see her get farther away from the newborn stage I love seeing her transition into the baby stage! I was shocked when S was in newborn diapers at one month old… well we’re 3.5 months old currently and still wearing size newborn! She is SUCH a peanut. I sometimes don’t realize how small she is until we’re out in public and someone asks if she’s a few weeks old, or when I see another baby who seems to be about twice in size and find out they’re a month or two younger! She’s in the 3% for her weight but because she’s still gaining weight (just at an extremely low rate) her pediatrician isn’t concerned. It’s crazy to me that at 3 months old she’s not even 10 pounds yet.. some babies weigh that much when they’re born! I love her itty bitty body but hoping we see rolls someday soon! When I was pregnant I bought a few outfits for her in different sizes and a handful of those items were intended for this summer (figured 6-9 months would be perfect!) well she’s still wearing newborn clothes and 0-3 months (baggy) but far from 3-6 months so….. swimsuits in december?! haha!

Sails still loves to suck on her hands… no thumb yet but if she’s not putting her entire fist in her mouth she’s usually going after 2 fingers or 4. She also loves to suck on our fingers- Andy refers to it as corn on the cob haha!


Sailor still loves to stand and has even figured out how to lock her knees so she’s not quite so wobbly! She grabs her toes ALL THE TIME and i’ve even caught her sucking on them! She blows bubbles like it’s her job and is starting to talk scream… girlfriend loves her voice!

She likes laying in the sun, loves anything with light/movement so the TV always catches her eye (but we try not to let her really watch it for more than a minute or two) and… drumroll….. she learned how to roll over!!!! Can’t decide if this is exciting or terrifying… maybe both. She rolled over from her back to her stomach a few different times but I woke up one night and looked at her in her bassinet- she was laying right on her face. SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH. I flipped her super fast (which startled her) and laid her on her back to sleep… within a minute she rolled back to her stomach again! Sails has been sleeping through the night since 2 weeks old (with an exception of a few nights waking up once) well she’s still sleeping through the night but not this mama! I’m now waking up all the time to make sure she’s on her back (which often she’s not) and have to continue to flip her… but until she’s a bit older it’s just not really safe for her to sleep on her belly (according to the nurse I talked to anyway).

I’m starting to sense a little bit of attachment issues… If she loses sight of me she is not a happy camper! She wants to be held all the time and I think it’s me in particular she wants holding her because sometimes Andy will take her for a bit and she’ll cry and cry… I go pick her up and she starts cooing… I’m flattered, but come on Sails!

One of my absolute favorite things she does (everyone else will probably find this gross haha) if we go to kiss her on the lips she opens her mouth as wide as possible for big open mouth kisses! Although maybe not the best when Harley goes in for a kiss….ha!

I’m pretty sure Sailor has the longest baby eyelashes of all time. They are so light you can’t really tell how long they are from a distance but here is some proof!

Also can anyone translate this? haha!


  1. Thanks for all of the cute and interesting photos and comments. I am spending way too much time looking at these over and over and over again. I may need to set the egg timer so my time with Sailor doesn’t take over my life. Love, Nanny

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