Pilot Cap Sailor was made to wear hats. I just cant get enough…  girlfriend can pull it off!! I’m sure her hat collection is larger than my clothing collection but who can pass up something so cute and so practical. Believe it or not Sailor does have hair on her head it’s just super light so she somewhat looks bald. Regardless I feel like i’ve become crazy about protecting her skin from this spring/summer sun so I love that this hat is so lightweight yet covers her up! The material is soft and stretchy and it comes in a variety of colors. I actually just noticed the hat is on sale for $5 so I’m definitely buying this in another color or two!

Boon Bathtub Attention everyone… we have a water baby!!! Sailor LOVES bath time! I did a lot of research on bath tubs while I was pregnant and I’m very happy with the Boon Bathtub! I do think the Puj Infant tub would’ve been better for the first month but overall i’m super happy with the one we have! It reclines, expands and it collapses so it doesn’t take up any space at all! The Recline is great for infants so they can lay down without getting too much water near their face but once they start sitting the tub can go flat instead!

Soft Books This is Sailor’s absolute favorite toy of all time. I didn’t put a lot of thought into baby toys prior to having S but I noticed a month ago or so Sailor seemed interested in touching and holding different things and when she received this book as a gift she was one happy camper! The book makes a crinkling noise which she just loves (just like the paper on the table at the doctor’s office!) she literally dives her face into this book and it goes with us absolutely everywhere!!

Oball Rattle This has also been a great toy for our girl as it’s not only a rattle but it’s great for teething too! I wouldn’t say Sailor is quite teething but she’s been sucking on her hands and fingers (and mine) since she was born so it’s nice to have something she can easily hold onto, play with and suck on!

Orbit Stroller Let’s be honest… Orbit is not the cheapest baby brand but it is BY FAR my favorite and I think money well spent- this will definitely last for all of our future kiddos! The carseat base is the same as the stroller base so whether it’s an infant seat or toddler seat they can easily be transferred from the car to the stroller. The carseat (or stroller seat) can face any direction including sideways and there’s even an extra piece that can be added for additional seats! Although not needed yet I think one of the coolest add ons is the little skateboard that kids can stand on if they don’t want to sit down and it attaches to the side of the stroller! It’s a super smooth ride and now that the weather is so nice we’re getting lots of use out of it!

Bibs Now that we’re introducing rice cereal Miss Sailor is quite messy! We have a variety of bibs but these are our favorite! The dribble catcher absorbs moisture and helps prevent milk and food from getting trapped in Sailor’s neck (and causing a rash). I’m assuming these will become our bestfriend once Sailor starts teething and drools 24/7…

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