Sick Baby Sails

Our sweet Sailor girl has her first cold and she decided she wanted to share that cold her with her mama! She sounded pretty congested so I decided to take her in… Doctor looked her over and said her lungs, ears, mouth and temp were all great! (Also notice her onesie snapped on top of her pants… she’s so tiny her pants dont stay on haha so we have to put them under her clothes!)

She fell asleep on the table… hahaWe got home and she slept some more….

But woke up at 2am to non stop coughing… as in coughing so hard she couldn’t catch her breath.

Sailor would not let me lay her down so we were up coughing and sneezing together until 6am. I decided to take her back in to make sure she was ok (and obviously the elephant hat was needed again)

Turns out this little lady has an ear infection! They said she may have pneumonia but we would have to order a chest xray and the antibiotic for her ear would help clear it anyway so hoping these meds kick in and we have a healthy happy baby in no time!

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