Sailor Grace is 4 months old! That’s a lie… she’s over 4 months old… i’ve just been so busy that I’m pretending I’m posting this as if she is just turning 4 months! Shh… don’t tell.

Sailsy is still tiny… no surprise there! 1.8% for her weight, 61% for her height and 30% for her head. I was shocked when she was a month old wearing newborn diapers… but at this point I feel like she could be a year old still wearing newborn diapers (sorta kidding!) She still fits in newborn clothes, mostly wears 0-3 Months and hoping to have her in 3-6 by the time she’s 6 months or so! She’s taking a formula bottle once or twice a day but still prefers nursing. Somehow she’s mastered sucking her thumb while eating… talent? She sucks on her toes all day every day and scrunches her nose when she’s super happy. She screams INCREDIBLY loud, wraps her arms around us, splashes her feet in the water and likes to hold her arms out like she’s flying. We think she’s singing in the car sometimes and  she lights up when Andy comes home from work. I think Sailor is ahead of the game when it comes to holding her head up, rolling over, standing while holding our hands etc… but it seemed to take her a little longer when it came to smiling for the first time so I wasn’t too suprised when she decided to take her time laughing as well. First time we ever heard Sails laugh was on Mother’s Day… I cried. It was truly the sweetest sound i’ve ever heard… I wish I could bottle that up for the rest of time. Way to go S- that was the best Mother’s Day gift I could’ve ever asked for!

Not quite the laugh I heard on Mother’s Day but adorable none the less…(side note i’m imitating my hiccups from the first time she laughed)

Also strangest bottle eater ever… She stands, she twists, she turns…

Oh and this is what I wake up to every day… perfect way to wake up!

*She sees my phone first and notices me a little after

And because my husband is the best daddy in the world….

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