Bumbo Chair This chair has been great! We started off using it for Sailor just to practice sitting in but at one of her weight checks her pediatrician suggested we start baby food (on the early side because of her weight) – well I was so unprepared that we didn’t have a highchair! We’ll want to find a highchair in the next month or two but so far this has been working great for us… We usually just put her in it (strapped in) on the counter next to the sink (because she’s the messiest eater ever). I know a lot of babies don’t fit in these seats because of their cute chubby thighs but at the rate Sailor is going she’ll fit in this just fine by the time she’s 5 years old ha! Super easy to wash and move around but I would never leave Sailor for a second in this chair… if she wanted to flip it she easily could!

Drawer Organizers These Ikea drawer organizers are amazing! I think I originally saw these on pinterest but they fit perfect in any dresser and hold all of the tiny piles of baby clothes I stuff into them! They’re fairly inexpensive and really help me stay organized with all the baby clothes! I even bought some for the kitchen to keep Sailor’s bottles, bowls & spoons divided… hmm where else can I use these?!

Nose Frida The snot sucker! I know…I know… this is probably one of the weirdest most disgusting baby products out there. I get it! One of my good friends raved about this with her son and I thought she was a looney tune…I mean seriously sucking snot out of your baby’s nose, why? Why on earth would you ever do that? She bought this for me and the truth is I put it away and never planned to use it (Sorry em) I figured the bulb we got from the hospital would do the job if needed. Well…. Miss Sailor got a really bad cold (as did her mama) and she was SO stuffed up. She would cough so bad from all the crap in her chest that she would gasp for air after going into a complete coughing attack. I was nearly having heart failure every night listening to her struggle to breathe because of all the gunk clogging her up- I decided to give into this snot sucker. Turns out… it’s amazing. Truly Amazing. First of all the idea is definitely weird but it really does work! Second- there is no way you can actually get it in your mouth- it’s blocked off. Third- baby doesn’t mind it… SOLD. I can’t believe how much easier it is than the normal bulb most people use, plus you can clean it (unlike other nasal aspirators which can fill up with mold). This product surprised me more than anything but I can now say I recommend every home with a baby should have one of these!

Sophie The Giraffe There’s really no way I can do this justice. You’ll just have to google it and watch the video about the history behind it. This is like the magical toy for all babies- i’ve never met one that hasn’t liked this toy. Not only is it easy to hold and makes the most annoying sweetest squeak but it’s a great teether! It’s made with natural rubber, great for development and is a safe-fun toy for all babies!

Beaba Spoons I did a lot of research on spoons for Sailor especially because we were starting so early. I wanted something that would be an easy introduction and not only were these highly reccomended for stage 1 foods but I loved how soft they were on her gums, easy to hold and also dishwasher safe!

Ergo Baby I posted on here awhile ago about my love for the baby Bjorn. Sailor was practically living in the front pack… so much so that my back was killing me by the end of the day. Andy bought me the Ergo Baby for mother’s day and it’s my new fav! I don’t have Sailor in it as often as I used to as she’s now taking 2 long naps during the day in her crib but she hangs out in it pretty often as we go for walks all the time, I wear her around the house while making dinner or doing laundry etc.. The support is incredible and she can go on my chest, back or hip facing outward or inward. I would describe the front pack as a security blanket for Sails- when she’s fussy, overwhelmed, overstimulated, tired etc… in the front pack she goes! I think she just wants mom- and I think she wants to be held all the time but I need my hands free so this is always a win win! It’s machine washable and can support a baby up to 33 pounds (haha that might be Sailor when she’s 6 years old – and no she won’t be in the front pack at that age… haha!) This is a staple item in this family!



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