Am I ever going to post these on time?! HA! Shows how busy we’ve been…

Sails has been changing so much lately! People would ask me “Is she a happy baby?” and honestly for the first 3 months or so I would probably say No. I’m not sure if she was colicky or if it had anything to do with her weight but she would pretty much be crying every time she was awake. Now I can easily say YES she is a VERY happy baby! We started Sailor on rice cereal soon followed by baby purees right around 4 months and she’s been loving it! I was thinking we would wait until 6 months but her pediatrician thought maybe this would help with weight gain so we started early! I think the extra food has been contributing to her happiness- either way she really has been developing more of a personality these days! She loves to have her arms out like shes flying, continues to stand all day every day, sticks out her tongue, hates the wind and holds her hands together. She has laughed a handful of times which just kills me… she can get across an entire room by rolling, she peeks up from her bassinet, and loves to hold onto our faces. When she’s tired or upset she kicks her feet hard against her legs in a forceful motion… for some reason we just started noticing this but If I look back at old videos I see she’s been doing it since birth?! I was able to get Sailor on a pretty consistent schedule up until about 5pm which has been SO NICE! She’s sleeping in her crib for naps which has been great but the hardest part is laying her down and leaving the room as she goes into a complete panic and silent screams as I close the door 😦 For the most part she naps a minimum of 6 hours (two 3 hour naps) before 5pm… and usually falls asleep again around 7 or 8pm for a few hours…. sometimes she wakes herself up by getting her legs stuck in the crib…

Obsessed with watching her eat baby food… although I’m pretty sure she gets messy on purpose just so she can have extra baths!

We love you Say Say!

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