Month Six! My must have list…

Video Monitor I LOVE this baby monitor! Before I was pregnant I didn’t really think it was necessary to have a video monitor and thought  a normal monitor would do just fine. I did a lot of research on baby products while I was waiting for the arrival of miss Sailor and soon realized how important video capability really was! This monitor is pretty much the only reason why Sailor is sleeping in her crib for naps and bedtime rather than inches away from my face. It’s nice having my arms free, having a little space, some peace and quiet (for both of us) all because of this camera… It fits perfectly on her bookshelf and you can angle it however you like! I can adjust the sound, the brightness of the screen, play music (which I don’t do because sailor likes silence) check on the temp of her room and zoom in. This monitor is even capable of talking through the receiver to the camera- i’m sure this is nice for some kids and babies to hear their parents on the other end, I on the other hand I enjoy talking in scary voices to Andy when he’s changing Sailor’s diaper… video monitor for Sails, toy for mom!

Dishwasher Basket simple concept but does wonders! We throw all of Sailor’s bottle parts inside this “clutch” which closes shut and goes right in the dishwasher! Everything is sanitized and clean but protected from being thrown around and having bacteria creep in as well as keeping everything organized!

Jumperoo Jump around! Jump around! Jump up Jump up and get down! Is your baby fat and needing some exercise?! This is the product for you!! Ok kidding… they can be tiny like Sails and have the time of their life in this too 🙂 For some reason I never thought I would need these extra toys- figured Sailor would sit nicely on a folded blanket with a stuffed animal and coo… HA! Girlfriend has some energy… AND she wants to stand ALL day long! Well… Andy and I don’t have any energy and I certainly don’t want to hold her in the standing position for hours on end… SOOOO the jumperoo is our new bestfriend!! My aunt and uncle love to spoil Sailor and is she ever lucky! They surprised us with this and it has been a life savor!! Pretty much your baby goes in it- stands, jumps non stop, plays with some toys, jumps some more, laughs, chews on every toy, jumps a bit more and then is worn out- GENIUS. If you have a baby you should have a jumperoo. That is all.

Swim Diaper  I have to admit I was sold on the cute print before anything else but these swim diapers are truly amazing! I’m a big fan of The Honest Company – all of their products are top notch in my book and this is no different! Full coverage, waterproof, snug, soft, adjustable waist, easy to clean, fast drying and adorable patterns…. I figured with the amount of diapers we go through on a daily basis we could try a reusable swim diaper and so far we LOVE it! Sailor is a little fish and just loves the water so we try and take her to the pool or beach when Andy gets home from work and on the weekends- all summer long and we’ve only had to use 1 of these diapers- yay more money for cute baby clothes I mean…..

Teething Feeder Mini (Sailor’s grandma/my mom) won Sailor over with this magical teething feeder. I’m assuming this is aimed at babies who are actually teething… I’m convinced Sailor will be toothless forever but we give this 5 stars in the mean time! I’ve seen a lot of mesh feeders that look like a pain to clean and honestly look pretty gross with food getting stuck in the fabric but CHEW ON THIS- AMAZINGGGG. Boon knows what they’re doing… Not only can you give your baby a healthy snack (Sailor likes frozen peaches and pineapple best!) but baby can feed themselves (holding onto the small handle) and it helps with teething! The silicone head has some flexibility and is soft on the gums but also a piece of cake to clean which makes me one happy mama! Now I just need to take some time to get creative with snacks that Sailor can try in here!

Neutrogena Baby Sunscreen Sailor’s pediatrician recommended this or Aveeno and said all of the cheap baby sunscreens were filled with chemicals and a bunch of other crap that is not good for brand new baby skin! We don’t take Sailor out in the harsh sun very often and if we do it’s for a short amount of time and we practically soak her sunscreen! I feel like there is a lot of debate over baby suncreen and i’m not exactly sure that this is THE BEST but in my opinion it has been great on Sailor’s sensitive skin and we still have a very pale kid so I guess its working ha!

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