Time goes by so fast these days that I completely forgot to post a month ago for Sailor’s 6 month update… whoops! So i’m just going to combine six & seven 🙂

I feel like so much has happened in the last 2 months! Sailor is ON THE MOVE… I repeat she’s ON THE MOVE!!! She scoots all over the place and uses a lot of her upper body strength and scrunches her butt up to get across a room. We never leave her unattended because girlfriend moves fast AND she prefers everything that is NOT a toy! Sailor loves the remote, our phones, the vent, chords/chargers and her absolute favorite toy of all time…. drum roll…… the door stopper, BOIIIIINNNNGG!! We try and give her baby toys and teethers but she’ll find just about everything she’s not supposed to have to play with instead (of course we take things away and she freaks out- too young to get her her own cell phone? haha kidding…) Sailor LOVES tags (on clothes, toys, pillows you name it!), she sticks her bottom lip out when she concentrates, happy cries when she sees harley after she wakes up from a nap, loves to play with his tail (he doesn’t love it so much) and she hates to have her face wiped off after eating (and holds her breath when I do it). Sailor loves going on walks in her new stroller seat where she can sit up and see what’s going on, she goes bonkers when we lay her down in her crib (and falls asleep soon after haha), gets bored easily and closes her eyes and smiles when she’s super happy.

*Edit- forgot to add when I originally posted this… Sailor said “Mama” for the first time (first word?!) and said it non stop for a few days… (but said it to anything and everything) a few weeks ago Sailor said “Dada” for the first time and completely stopped saying “mama” now its “dadadadadada” all day long… it really is sweet. She calls Harley dada, she calls her food dada, her toys, and sometimes even her dad haha! In other words she’s not officially “talking” yet but hearing that little voice can just make our day- this one is going to be a heartbreaker.

I’m not sure how she learned this but our baby girl has a fake cry….. WHYYYYY (but it is pretty funny)  

She still has the best laugh of all time 

cries when Andy feeds her instead of me…. cute face Sails! hahaha

ALWAYS has her left thumb up and right hand in a fist (we say she’s holding her coins)

and our favorite thing of all…. this scrunchy nose, lips out face…. (inhaling her green beans?)

On June 15th (Sailor was 5 months old) My mom and I took Sailor to the heart clinic at the Children’s Hospital. At one of her weight checks her pediatrician discovered a heart murmur and had us take her in for extra testing to see if there was any connection with her slow weight gain but the EKG and Echo both went great and she was a champ! Everyone was happy with the results and they’ll just continue to keep a close eye on the murmur and her itty bitty body – As Andy says… someone has to be in the 1%! (since 5 months though she’s up to the 3%! wahoo!)

So many memories with this girl over the summer!!

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