Month 7! My Must Have list…

Bath Toys  I’m sure there’s a million bath toys out there but Sailor LOVES these! The Squirties Sea Party are her best friends during bath time! Sailor has always been a very oral baby (born with blisters on her hands and wrists from sucking on them in the womb!) so it’s no surprise she wants something to chew on in the bath! Not only are these adorable and can squirt water but they’re easy for her to hold and are safe to suck on. The turtle and the aligator are her 2 favs 🙂

4Moms Breeze Comes fully equipped with a bassinet for infants and a travel bag this is the easiest play pen of all time! We have our Breeze set up in the basement as another “station” for Sailor (nice to have something on every floor of the house). The bassinet which hooked on the top was great for the first few months for a place for Sailor to sleep if we were watching a movie, and also a great place to change her diapers so we wouldn’t have to go up to the third floor every hour! Every since she learned how to sit up we decided the top portion needed to come off and now it’s a place for her to play and has become somewhat of a toy basket. It folds up incredibly easy so if we ever need to bring a portable bed for Sailor somewhere this will be a piece of cake! My current favorite thing about this playpen is watching Sailor smoosh her face on the mesh side (similar to someone sticking their face on a glass door) this kid is so entertaining!

Siesta Highchair  I looked at a lot of different options for highchairs and was back and forth on a few but finally decided on this one! I took Sailor into a baby store that had a ton of options and I played around with all of them… but this was the winner! I love this highchair because it has wheels and is easy for us to move around the kitchen, has a recliner (incase it’s thanksgiving and she puts herself in a food coma/needs a nap ha!), has a removable tray, can go to different levels and is easy to clean. The only thing I don’t love is how much Sailor loves the straps haha! Whether we strap her in or put the straps behind her (and keep a close eye on her) she will find one way or another how to get them in her mouth and make them absolutely filthy. Sometimes she becomes so fixated on the straps she can’t even focus on eating! Hopefully just a phase…. other than that this highchair is amazing!

Chewbeads Every baby seems to love jewelry and wants to eat it the second they get their hands on it (which is dangerous for many reasons). These beads (necklaces and bracelets) are genius. They’re cute enough to wear but easy for babies to hold, safe to touch, tug and use. They are non-toxic, diswasher safe and soft on a baby’s gums! I always have a bracelet or necklace on me or in the diaper bag and is a great go-to for when Sails is fussy or bored.

Go GaGa Textured Ball Set  Squeezable and Teethable! These toys are cheap, colorful, BPA free and easy to clean. Sailor loves the different textures, crawls after them, bangs them together and chews on them (of course).

Elephant Bath Wrap To be honest I don’t understand why babies don’t use normal bath towels but I’m not complaining because the little hoods are so adorable on their little heads… but make their bath towel into an animal and it’s just about the cutest thing ever!

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