8 Months Of Sailor

8 Months have flown by!! Sailor’s personality just shines more and more each day and it’s been amazing watching her learn new things! She loves touching her own hair, tucks her arms under her belly when she’s falling asleep (with her butt up in the air as usual!), sticks out her bottom lip when she concentrates, freaks out with excitement when we’re making her food, loves the swing, and sleeps with her sleep sheep (sound machine) every night. She mostly does the worm as a form of crawling but every now and then she does a regular crawl haha… but there is no stopping her, she has to be moving all day long every day….

We’re asked pretty often if she favors one of us over the other and the answer is yes. But it switches back and forth depending on what she needs. When she is sad, falls and hurts herself, is tired etc… it’s all me. She climbs right in my lap, she snuggles in, she’ll even go right past andy to get to me when she’s sad. HOWEVER… she knows Andy is the fun one. When he comes home from work she gets THE BIGGEST smile on her face and flaps her arms until he picks her up. He can make her laugh harder than anyone and when she has a pacifier (which seems to be a lot lately) she can’t even keep it in her mouth around him because she’s non stop smiling.

We are highly entertained by watching her on the baby monitor… she learned how to go from laying to sitting (which I thought was a huge deal) to pulling herself up standing within 5 days… uh…

Sailor’s laugh just kills me. One of the things that makes her laugh the hardest is the anticipation of something happening to her… like if we creep towards her and she thinks shes going to be tickled she’ll start laughing. If I jump out behind a corner she starts laughing when I hide (knowing i’m going to pop out again). She’s a happy kid….

and just another video because she’s cute…

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