Month 8! My must have list…

Phill Cups  These Puj cups are genius! I saw them on instagram as drinking cups for kids. They’re simple and beautifully designed with a hook that can stick on the fridge (That way kids can get their own cup of water)… well although Sailor isn’t quite walking up to the fridge for her ice chips like her mama I did however come up with a fun idea! I stick the hooks on the tile in her bathtub and we use the cups to wash the shampoo & soap off of her! When she gets a little bigger I’m sure she’ll love playing with them to dump water and eventually maybe we’ll use these (or buy more) for drinking cups!

Orbit Baby Stroller Seat and shade You know you’re a mom when stroller seats arriving at your door feels like christmas morning haha! Orbit Baby Products are by far my absolute favorite baby products… Just like Sailor’s carseat this can fit on any of the orbit bases (although can not be used as a carseat even though it can go on that base) She can sit up, at an incline or we can tilt the seat all the way back so she’s laying flat (which she hates haha! Girlfriend wants to see everything going on!) She can sit facing towards us, away from us or the coolest… sideways. Normally we don’t turn her seat sideways because we like to see her cute face on walks but when we go to the zoo, aquarium etc.. where we want her to see things on the side of us we can turn the seat so she can see but we can still push in the forward motion. The Stroller seat has a foot bar that can be removed if needed as well as a little tray which is the perfect size for snacks (although right now we use it as a pacifier holder). The straps are adjustable and it couldn’t be more easy to attach the seat and spin it into place. There are a TON of cute color shades to choose from so like everything else I buy we went with Teal 🙂 When it comes to baby gear I usually go with black, white, grey or blue. I figure if we ever have a boy i’m not going to stick him in a hot pink stroller haha (although the pink shade is to die for)… I can’t believe how BIG the shade is! I first thought it was obnoxious but realized I can push it back and choose how much shade to give Sailor. I’ve since realized the HUGE shade is AMAZING… when it’s super sunny out and i’m paranoid about Sail’s fair skin, SHADE TO THE RESCUE!!

Nook Mattress Cover  Everything this company makes is brilliant. Breathable, non toxic, natural… check check check! Not only are the raised pebbles adorable, come in a ton of cute color options, but it is SO comfy, and SO safe for infants & toddlers to sleep on. Had I found this company while I was purchasing baby gear I probably would’ve bought the play mat and the changing pad (but at this point mine are working just fine!) seriously want to buy this mattress for myself… Sailor girl sleeps SO well AND this cleans incredibly well!

Bath Kneeler Giving kids baths while kneeling outside the tub is so not comfortable… so…. this bath kneeler is a life savor! It’s pretty cheap, covered in a wetsuit fabric, and is covered in a cushiony padding which gives parents knees a break while baby enjoys their bath!

Honest Shampoo & Body Wash Sails has super sensitive skin so I wanted to look into a gentle and organic wash and came across Honest! Like all of their products this is all natural, safe, non-toxic etc… It’s great for sensitive skin, has no harsh chemicals and it smells great!

Diaper Genie Who doesn’t want a sweet smelling nursery? This is the number 1 selling diaper pail and is hygienic, easy to use, can hold up to 270 diapers (haha what?!) and has a lock system so the odors don’t escape.

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