Sailor is keeping us so busy… she is truly the most entertaining baby! She has 2 teeth (which first started to break through at the state fair and our vacation- yet it didn’t phase her at all!), pulls herself up, walks while holding onto surfaces or our hands and sometimes even lets go! She constantly reaches towards me and is back and fourth between wanting to be independent and play/walk on her own and sometimes she cries until she can sit on my lap and play. (She gives me this face when I sit on the couch)

but gives me this face when I sit on the floor (haha really sailor?? WHAT A HAM)

She waves ALL THE TIME and it KILLS ME. She has many different waves… there’s the flapping out of control arm, there’s the open and close hand wave, pageant wave (seriously) and then she has this weird wave where it looks like she’s doing the Whip/Nae Nae haha! She waves whenever Andy comes home, when I go in her room after a nap, we get to my parents house, sometimes she’ll wave at random people at target and cub… but my absolute favorite is in the morning after I nurse her she crawls to the edge of the bed and looks for harley in his kennel and waves at him (can’t take it… so freaking cute!) Sailor also knows how to clap! She usually does it when we say “yay!” she also claps after she waves like she’s proud of herself for waving haha! She started saying mama again but it’s still pretty rare to hear it- it’s mostly Dada, Yaya, and a bunch of gibberish. Sails sounds like the grudge sometimes because she sucks air in and its the weirdest sound but so funny! She loves to facetime- especially my mom and Andy… she smiles so big, tries to touch all the buttons and puts her mouth up to the screen. Sometimes she’ll play with my phone and i’ll catch her whispering with her face pressed up against it “dada dada dada” haha I think she thinks shes talking to him. She loses her mind when we put her to bed during nap time but she goes to bed at night no problem (maybe cries for 30 seconds and then she’s out!).

(this is from when I checked on her at our friends house… she managed to get her leg out of her pajamas and leave a pool of drool but I want to know how on earth is that position even comfortable?? I think maybe she fell asleep sitting up and tipped over ha!!)

We’ve started giving sailor more solids which is both fun and terrifying. She gags on pretty much anything if it’s not in liquid form but she’s getting much better and we’re starting off slow! Her pediatrician said she can eat anything at this point (just not honey) we just need to make sure we’re only introducing one new food at a time so we can keep an eye out for allergies (so far so good!). Sailor loves applesauce, yogurt, noodles, & cheerios. She lights up if we let her eat something off of our spoon or if she sees something come off our plate to her tray. She also is a classy girl and eats with her feet up on the tray….

She’s incredibly relentless… I tried to block her off from her bookshelf (because all she does is pull the books off of it haha) and so I put a basket infront of it and she ends up trying to climb over and well….

Sails is THE best baby out in public… really lucked out there! I think because I work from home and we don’t go out much during the weekdays she’s really excited to see new things and be in new surroundings. When we run errands I put her in the grocery cart and typically she’s pretty relaxed and just hangs out…. (again with the foot lol)

lately she likes to turn around and ride the cart like the cool kids…

but if you want to see sailor in her happy place let her push the cart! haha she is so proud of herself

She loves dogs (meet our puppy niece nikki!)

loves to put the pacifier in her mouth by herself (great job sailsy!)

Hates when we kiss her or hold her hands…. but absolutely LOVES kissing Harley

Her favorite toy was, is and will probably always be the remote

and she’s still a tiny thing. girlfriend can’t wear pants because her itty bitty hips won’t hold them up… go in after her nap and PANTS ON THE GROUND


Also some video to show you our crazy fun loving baby girl!

Standing on her own!

dare devil


here you can hear the “grudge” noise she makes- lol that laugh…

and more photos…… enjoy!

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