Month 9! My must have list…

Sleep Sheep I got this adorable cuddly sound machine when I was pregnant but secretly hoped I wouldn’t have to use it as I was hoping Sailor would be a heavy sleeper and never need something to soothe her to sleep/keep her asleep… She still sleeps fine without it and I wouldn’t say it’s needed but I do think it helps a lot! It’s the only thing that I let her have in her crib for the time being and the vecro strap goes around her crib so I feel good about leaving it in there with her! There are 4 sound options (we always go with the ocean or the rain because Sailor is a water girl ha!) you can adjust the volume and the time it goes on for (I just wish I could have it on for hours on end) and it even comes in a travel size which I think is adorable! 90% of the time (at night mostly) if I look at the monitor Sailor has her body pressed up in the corner that the sleep sheep is hanging almost like she’s snuggling with it and trying to get closer to the sound, so sweet!!

Activity Cube As Sailor was pulling herself up non stop and walking while holding onto the coffee table, couch, anything she could get her hands on I thought it was a good time to find some kind of activity cube! There are just about a million options to choose from and so many different sizes! I wanted something a little larger so she could stand level with it and so she could use it longer. I found this from the B.Toys line which I absolutely love! There are so many different options for Sailor to play with that she loves now and I know she’ll love in the coming years! Right now her favorite is the top, she stands and holds on and plays with the balls and cars. On the sides she likes to spin and flip but eventually it will be great for learning shapes, colors, numbers, letters etc…

Banana Toothbrush  How cute is this?! As soon as Sailor got her two little teeth I wanted to get her a toothbrush! I came across a banana toothbrush that I loved but when I found this one with handles (the banana peel) I knew it would be perfect! The toothbrush is flexible, soft, safe and is even dishwasher safe! It’s the perfect introduction to brushing and Sailor absolutely LOVES it!! We have a baby toothpaste that we give her and usually give her little teeth a brush ourselves quick before handing it over for her to do… she lights up when she gets to brush and holds on with both hands to the peel and usually just sucks on it but she is so proud!

Swan Blanket Sailor has a TON of blankets but they’re all swaddle blankets or little cotton blankets which once wrapped around over and over and now I feel like barely keeps her warm as she’s getting bigger! I wanted to have a thicker/larger blanket and came across these spearmint love designs which were all beautiful!! I ended up getting the one with the apples and the black and white swan. We’ve been using them at parks, stroller rides photoshoots and I always keep one in my car in case of an emergency and little lady needs some extra warmth!

OXO Bib up until now Sailor hasn’t really been wearing bibs… infact she doesnt even wear clothes when she eats haha! She is so messy… if she’s not dropping food or spitting it out she’ll rub her hands in it and pat her chest and our favorite, her hair (really?!) I’ve just thought it’s pointless to keep her in clothes and a cute bib when I have to wash both after every meal so we’ve just been skipping it. I saw these OXO bibs and they caught my attention because of the material and the pocket. They reminded me of the baby bjorn bibs but the material looked so much more comfortable (silicone). I bought one thinking I would give it a try and now i’m thinking we need to buy a few more! The bib is flexible so it doesn’t block her from her tray or hurt if she leans up against it. The pocket catches about 50% of her food (the rest goes in her mouth or she generously throws at harley) we either scoop it out of her bib and put it back on her tray or she starts to eat out of her bib herself haha! The best part about it is how easy it is to wash! I literally put it in the sink, hose it off and bam sparkly clean!

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