Month 10! My must have list…

Outdoor Booties Minnesota is cold and we can no longer get away with bare feet (like all summer long)…Sailor has a handful of shoes but they’re mostly just cute colorful moccasins and as much as I love them they don’t keep her feet warm when we’re outside. I discovered these outdoor booties and they are absolutely perfect! The bottoms are soft which is just fine because I don’t want Sailor walking outside on her wobbly giraffe legs anyway (ahem slipping!!) but they’re warm and lined with fleece but I think the best part is the adjustable velcro around the ankle to keep them on tight!

Patagonia Jacket Every baby needs a patagonia jacket! Not only does Sailor look like a tiny little person in this coat but it keeps her nice and cozy! It’s lightweight but well insulated and it’s super easy to put on and take off 🙂

Oxo Formula Dispenser I probably should’ve had this on one of the earlier must have lists but this formula dispenser is great! Sailor was exclusively breastfed for the first 4 months but to help her gain weight we started adding formula bottles in addition to breast milk. It was great to have this dispenser in the diaper bag when we were out on the boat or at a restaurant and if she got hungry I had pre-portioned formula ready to go with just a twist of a cap! Although I’m still breastfeeding and Sailor still takes an occasional bottle of formula i’ve since discovered the dispenser is great for her snacks too!

Sleep Nest Have I mentioned it’s cold in Minnesota? I feel very strong about not letting infants sleep with blankets (even with Sailor turning 1 soon i’m still not ready for her to have one at night!) well with no blanket and just some little jammies on I worry that Sailor isn’t warm enough at night. We have an aden and anais sleep sack which we had been using late summer/early fall but then it felt way too thin for the winter months. I came across Baby deedee’s sleep nest and knew it was a winner! I ordered it right away and Sailor has worn it every night since! I know that she’s comfy and warm and I don’t have to worry about loose fabric by her face!

Picture Ledge I’m pretty sure anyone who has ever searched “nursery” on pinterest has seen these ikea wall shelves but it took me forever to find out where they were actually from! It was actually a huge relief to find out they were from ikea because they were only $6 and I was so obsessed with the idea of lining these down her wall thank god they weren’t expensive! I’ve seen a lot of uses for these shelves but like all the adorable pinterest nurseries I went the book route. Being a graphic designer I feel like I’m really drawn to the artwork in children’s books so what’s a better way to display them than facing them outward in an assortment on the wall! It’s been fun around the holidays to switch up the books to christmas and winter and soon we’ll swap out for a valentines day theme! Highly recommend these shelves… oh and if we ever move to a house where we can have a big playroom I’m totally buying the big version of these shelves and making a kid library 🙂

Bottle Brush I would like to personally hug whoever created this. Cleaning wine glasses baby bottles is kind of a pain in the butt… it’s hard to get the bottom and all the sides clean if you don’t use this brush! A lot of baby items (food items or toys) have small openings and i’m always paranoid if it doesn’t all get clean bacteria will grow (and nothing good comes from that). So whether you’re cleaning bottles, sippy cups or wine glasses… do yourself a favor and buy this brush!


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