Month 11! My must have list…

Lollacup There are just about a million sippy cups out there and i’m sure many of them rock for many reasons but so far this cute and colorful little bird sippy is my favorite! I saw these on shark tank (love that show) and started seeing them in some local baby stores. I did my research and found these to be the right fit as I wanted minimal parts to clean, something that could close (and not drip), easy for Sails to hold and I was really intrigued by the straw as she’s been loving drinking out of straws at restaurants. We bought 4 of these in different fun colors and i’m obsessed with watching Sailor grip it with both hands squat down to the floor and sip, sip, sip…. it’s too cute!!!

Ubbi Snack Cup Just like sippy cups there are so many options for snack cups. (maybe i’m just obsessed with everything bird as thats what we call our girl haha) but these cute containers store and seal snacks with a soft spill guard for little hands and a lid that shuts without any pinching fingers. Also this stores a large amount of snacks and is easy to clean- might have to get one of these bad boys for myself (cookies to go?!) haha!

Basket Now that Sailor is older and with the holidays & her birthday the toys are just taking over the house. I want her to have lots of toys to play with and have them easily accessible but I can’t stand the clutter… We’ve added a few baskets around the house including one large one in her room for stuffed animals and one large one in the basement for miscellaneous toys and it makes cleaning up a breeze! Sailor can reach in and grab a few toys (or dump out the entire basket) and I can throw it all back in there within a few minutes! Target Threshold Woven basket for the win!

Blocks Land of Nod is just killing it with these blocks! When they first arrived Sailor was napping so I unpacked and played with it myself haha it’s just so pretty! The blocks are all different sizes and colors and are the perfect size for Sailor’s little hands to carry around! My only complaint is that my dog Harley loves them too… (insert angry face) but they are quite popular at the Gerten house and minus the block Harley has claimed as his own I imagine they’ll last a long long time!

Whale Pod high five to Boon for making this awesome bath toy storage! The top of the whale sticks to the bathtub wall and the bottom half acts as a scoop (with a handle) to get all the toys floating in the tub. It includes a built-in shelf and drains all the water so it reduces the risk of mold and mildew and it’s HUGE so it stores a ton of toys!!

Little Unicorn Quilt probably the most beautiful blankets I have come across! I wanted to get Sailor a lightweight quilt that she could nap with (even though the second I put something in her crib she throws it out because she’s not used to sleeping with anything) but I can’t get enough of the adorable prints and the quilt is so incredibly soft!! I LOVE all the swaddle options but I’m pretty sure Sailor would look at me like “what the heck are you doing mom?!” if I tried to swaddle her these days haha so i’m planning on stocking up whenever we have our next baby! Breathable, machine washable and big enough that I think I could get away with buying one for myself… love every single print and i’m constantly stalking their instagram account to see when more designs are coming out- plus every baby posted with these blankets are too freaking cute (unfortunately they’re not included with your purchase)


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