I can’t believe how fast Sailor’s first year went by… it’s been so incredible watching her grow and learn, she is the absolute light of our lives and is such a happy kid, we feel so lucky to be her mom and dad! Sailor is CRUISING! She walks/runs (and trips) and doesn’t want to be held much (yet hates when I put her down haha)

She loves to brush her hair

gives hugs to her stuffed animals by putting them on her shoulder/neck (penguin is her absolute favorite)

loves to eat (and loves to throw her food for harley to eat)

could live off of pancakes and mandarin oranges (I make healthy pancakes using banana, egg and cinnamon and she devours them! Also could eat a can of mandarin oranges for every meal if we let her)

goes after something when she wants it

smiles like this when she’s super happy

sits so cute/so weird in the shopping cart

she likes to put the top to her bottle on haha

moved up to a toddler carseat (not because of weight, just because of height and age otherwise she could probably be in an infant carseat until shes 5 haha light as a feather!)

LOVES dogs- especially harley

has this OBSESSION with putting things on. She sees my hat, it goes on her head, she sees andys gloves she’ll put them on, headband- yep goes on the head! I have a feeling this little girl is going to love dress up someday!!

Sailor now gives kisses which KILLS me because up until recently she was the least affectionate child ever haha I look forward to her greeting me with a kiss every morning and watching her give andy a kiss through the baby gate is probably the sweetest thing ever! She’s so busy these days… has to be moving at all times. She’s discovered the cabinets, loves pushing her grocery cart around, always tries to climb out of her highchair and if she does get out of the straps she’ll stand up and clap her hands laughing (don’t think she realizes she won’t be laughing if she falls). She loves her pacifiers (but we dont let her have them often mostly just if she gets hurt) and loves drinking from a straw! Sailor loves to be chased and is probably happiest right around 6pm when she’s finished her dinner and is running around the house in a diaper with andy and I scaring her popping out from corners and running after her- sometimes she’ll laugh so hard she’ll tip over hahah!! Sails is still very small but with the way she eats there’s no concern, just jealousy that I don’t have that kind of metabolism! It’s funny how even though she’s so skinny and can’t keep pants on around her waist she gets such a big belly after eating sometimes! She can say “dada” “hi” and has started saying “say-say” when she sees a photo of herself. She knows how to do sign language for milk but uses it to tell us whenever she’s hungry and is so proud of herself when we say “are you hungry?”. When she’s excited she stomps her feet and sometimes has this devious laugh which is so funny! She loves the show bubble guppies which we rarely let her watch (just because I don’t really think a 1 year old needs to be watching tv) but every once in a while we’ll ask her if she wants to watch it and she gets SOOOO excited (She knows exactly what bubble guppies means and will start dancing and looking for the tv if we say it)… in the past few days she’s been trying so hard to say “bubble” when we sing the song or ask her if she wants to watch the show (I don’t know when andy and I turned into the parents who sing “What time is it?! It’s time for lunch!!” “Outside! Outside everybody outside!! line up everybody, line up line up!” seriously those songs are stuck in my head for the rest of my life.

Sailor is happy ALL the time but still enjoys a good fake cry here and there. She is pure entertainment- she knows shes funny too so we have to try really hard to not laugh when she’s doing something naughty (like throwing beans at the wall)! She’s incredibly friendly and will go to anyone (not sure if thats good or bad) but she definitely acts different around other people (sweet, kind of shy…) but I kind of like that she saves some of her crazy whacky personality for me and andy! We constantly say how fearless she is- I don’t know anything she’s afraid of (besides nap time lol) she climbs on everything, goes to anyone, around barking dogs, andy and I try and scare her (And she loves it), loves the water, smiles at things in costumes and masks (ok i’m even afraid of that) and has no reaction to loud noises. We were at our friends house and they had a remote helicopter and Sailor was chasing after it trying to grab it haha! I’m thinking her fears might change when she learns about sharks though, I mean that’s my greatest fear in life so maybe it will be hers too??

Sails still loves the anticipation of things (getting scared, about to be chased, about to be tickled etc…), she has 6 teeth, her hair is finally long enough to clip a bow in, she likes to pretend to clean her ears and gets so excited to brush her teeth! Sailor showers with me all the time and has loved it since day 1- she loves to just wrap her arms around me and lay her head down on my shoulder with the water against her back and she also loves to sit on the floor of the shower with her toys. Little peanut has the largest closest of all time because she doesn’t grow out of her clothes… I was just going through her summer clothes from last year to put away and I realized they all still fit. 13 months old now and her 3-6 month clothing still fits!!!

I can proudly say I nursed Sailor for exactly 13 months! I knew I wanted to breastfeed and I aimed for 3 months, which turned into 6 and then I thought ok I can do a year!! Sailors birthday came and I couldn’t bring myself to stop quite yet… officially felt ready to be done by 13 months! I obviously support breastfeeding but really think any way a baby is fed is the “right way” but I personally just loved my experience and felt like it bonded Sailor and I from the day she was born!

It’s been a memorable 12 months with our favorite little lady….

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