Month 12! My must have list…

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.33.50 AM.png

Night Light how cute is this “love you” night light?! I wanted a small night light for Sailor’s room but didn’t want something creepy looking or something that was so bright that she then would NEED a bright room every night. I came across this on an instagram account that I follow and I thought it was perfect! I felt like it was really reasonably priced and the only problem I had was trying to decide between the classic white and pretty pink!

Teepee where do I even begin with the story of the teepee… so I wanted to get sailor some type of playhouse and had my heart set on the CUTEST mushroom house from Land of Nod. I ordered it and was so anxious to set it up for Sails Chrismas Eve (for her to see in the morning)… after hours of frustration trying to set it up (and pieces falling apart having to be taped every few minutes) a wire snapped and the whole thing fell apart. I was so bummed…. even though they were willing to replace it I felt like it just wasn’t safe and would still take just as long to set up so I decided to find Sailor a teepee instead. There are SO many to choose from but I loved this one from Restoration Hardware. The set up was a piece of cake (I think it took 5 minutes from start to finish), it has a subtle grey pattern and really can go in any room blending in nicely with the rest of our furniture & fabric and the best part is it’s so easy to move around (folds up in a second and is super light weight!). It stores baskets of sailor’s toys and her little lamb chair, she sits in there and plays and I can watch her through the side windows. I would’ve loved having this as a kid!

Pouches these things are amazing! We have a skinny little thing on our hands and it doesn’t help that she’s becoming a picky eater. She pretty much just wants to eat fruit and pancakes. My friend gave Sailor a pouch (had fruit and veggies mixed) and she downed that pouch in about 20 seconds flat. I still give sailor what we’re eating first and resort to these last (as I want her to continue trying new things) but it’s been so nice having organic baby food that she loves and is good for her too! It’s made things super easy when we’re on the go because it leaves no mess and is easy to pack up in the diaper bag. I’ve tried them myself and they honestly just taste like a smoothie (they really are good!) I know some other brands have been recalled in the past due to mold so I always make sure to check first but it sounds like that’s because things weren’t sealed properly.

Baby Gate truthfully I think any baby gate will work just fine… I actually wanted just a super basic cheap white gate but it didn’t work because of the railing by our stairs. We found this one which we were able to adjust more and it matched our floors so it looks pretty nice! Best part about this baby gate??? The openings between the beams because Andy gives Sailor kisses through them!

Patagonia Snow Suit I love everything Patagonia… but Patagonia baby?! It doesn’t get cuter… My brother and his girlfriend bought this for Sailor and it’s perfect for Minnesota Winters! It’s reversible which is great, warm & insulated and the sleeves even fold over into mittens as do the feet! Also it’s on Sale!!

Puj Bath Treads the perfect grippy surface for little feet in the bathtub! Peel & stick, vibrant colors, easy to clean and most important- helps prevent slipping!!

Orbit Toddler Car Seat We are HUGE Orbit baby fans… we already have the infant seat as well as the stroller and stroller seat and didn’t even think to look at any other options for the toddler seat because we knew we would love this too! The swivel/rotation in the base is by far the biggest selling point for me- can you say EASY?! Whoever came up with that is a pure genius. Sailor is still facing backwards (and will be until she’s probably well over the age of 2 due to her weight) but this carseat also can face forward when we’re ready to switch! It also fits on our stroller so if we’re out and about and don’t want to bring the stroller seat we can just bring the base and use the carseat! The Orbit baby products may be the most expensive of the baby products we own but I think they are worth every penny and I couldn’t love them more!!

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