Mudroom – with California Closets

The second space we had the privilege of working with California Closets was our small mudroom! When we were building there was an option to add a basic bench to this area but it just wasn’t what I had in mind. I pictured drawers, a spot for all the hats and mittens and was hoping maybe some additional storage. We really lucked out teaming up with Anna Abrams and California Closets Southdale who was able to design the most perfect cubbies for our mudroom!

2019 Gerten February 0316

I fell in love with the dark contrast of the bench! The soft close drawers are perfect for shoe storage and the shelf for the bins hold all of our hats and mittens! I couldn’t believe how well Anna utilized the space with the cabinets above. We’re able to store all the art projects, school work, sunscreen, bubbles etc in the cabinets which is perfect because everything is easily accessible while still giving us a clutter-free space!


The cubbies make clean up super easy as the kids know to hang up their coats on the hooks and to put their shoes away in their designated drawer. Between swim bags, dance bags, backpacks and more, there’s always a spot to hang our stuff when we get home from various activities! We were able to provide California Closets with our own hardware which was great for this particular project because it was right off of the kitchen so we wanted everything to match. I think the space flows well and the transformation is one of a kind!

Check out the before pic:


I also need to add… the install team was AMAZING. They worked hard, fast and did an incredible job. We had just moved into the new house and it was a bit chaotic with boxes everywhere, our dog running around and the kids full of energy and they still took the time to play catch once the projects were complete. Just for that I want to have this team over for more installs!

One thought on “Mudroom – with California Closets

  1. The before and after photos really do a great job of showing the creativity of what was done to the empty spaces. Good for you and your support team. It’s also nice because you mentioned some time ago how Sailor loves to create and organize as well. I assume that she is teaching Brooks the same skills. ❤️ Nanny

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