Sailor’s Room – California Closets

I think most people think “closets” when they hear California Closets but their storage and organization solutions are endless. When we moved into our new house I knew I wanted to add some type of cabinets or shelves into Sailor’s room but wasn’t sure what my options would be. I talked over some design ideas with Anna Abrams from California Closets Southdale and I mentioned how cool it would be to add a window seat in Sailor’s room. It was something I always wanted when I was little and I could just envision all the cute pillows and stuffed animals on there! She came up with a beautiful mockup of cabinets, shelves, drawers and a window seat! I was so excited when she told me the shelves would be adjustable because I had a variety of things I wanted to display but they were in a range of different sizes.

The overall design came out better than I ever could have imagined! I love that Sailor can have so many of her dolls, toys and stuffed animals in her room but that they all have a home and can be tucked away when it’s time to clean up! Sails is quite the little organizer so when we tell her it’s time to clean up she knows where to put her legos, doll clothes, blankets etc… and it makes our lives SO much easier with all the storage.

2019 Gerten February 0275

I love that we have a place to display photos and knick knacks! We added bins to hold some of the things we wanted Sailor to have access to reaching and were able to put some more fragile items higher up.


The window seat is the perfect size! We often find Sailor reading books or watching the construction workers outside and it’s become a favorite spot to hang out for our son Brooks and our dog Harley!


I imagine this window seat to hold a lot of memories over the years. Right now she lines up all of her dolls for imaginary play and story time. I’m sure someday she’ll be reading books on her own or studying for a big test… maybe even watching out the window for her boyfriend to pick her up!

2019 Gerten February 0287

Look how big of a difference CA Closets made in Sailor’s room!

Before and After



xoxo and love you more signs: Oh Baby

dolls: Candy Kirby Designs, Anthropologie, Target

stuffed animals: jellycat from pacifier kids

pom bins: pehr design from pacifier kids

pillows: anthropologie

rainbow pillow: blabla kids

light fixture: ikea

bed: crate and kids

bedding: rikshaw design and anthropologie

rose quilt: little unicorn

Sailor’s dress: pink chicken

Sailor’s bows: Wunderkin Co

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